This privacy policy is only meant for users that have purchased or even intend to purchase any of our products.
As for the policy, we will be using the term “you” to address the customers while “we” or “us” will refer to the employees and departmental managers at Adventure Mania.
Please note that this privacy policy is not effective on businesses or products advertised and otherwise displayed on the site. They are mere sponsors and they have their own separate policies and terms.

How Do We Use Your Information?

Adventure Mania does collect a certain amount of customer information but none of it will be collected without intentional consent. You will provide details such as name, phone number, address and these personal details shall only be used for the completion of your purchase. Other data we may collect includes:
• Bank account details
• Username, password and email addresses
• Your social media handles (if you’ve provided them)
• Information of other passengers that might be accompanying you on the journey. You, the person who made the booking, will be able to permit or forbid the collection of any information.

The information collected will be used for the following:
• While making a booking
• Send any Updates
• Surveys
• Marketing Campaigns


Our site uses cookies. Cookies aren’t exactly personal information; they just contain certain data collected on the basis of your browser history. These primarily include preferences. Cookies on our website aren’t meant to invade your privacy in any way. You have the right to revoke our access to your cookies. However, if you do enable cookies, we’ll be able to provide packages and services that you are highly interested in. Cookies will also be used to figure out the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. The information is anonymous and will not contain your name or address. It may or may not contain your age and gender for the sake of demographics.
If you want to turn off the transfer of cookies, please seek the help of the customer support of the web browser you are currently using.

Who Will Have Access to your Information?

We are forbidden by law to lend or sell any customer information. However, there are a few companies that need access to certain details in order to complete your travel. These services include:
• Airlines
• Hotels
• Bus Services
• Cab Rentals
• Railways
These service providers are a vital part of our packages and need to have access to offer the best possible experience.

Business Partners

Adventure Mania is also required to send your personal information to its partnering companies. These companies are a great part of our service and include banks and insurance companies. They will require sensitive information to offer their contributions.

Disclosure of Information

Adventure Mania will have to hand over any information if required:
• By law
• To conduct our business
• For internal compliance and audit exercises
• To secure out systems

Permissions required to use our Application

Our mobile application on Android will need the following data from your phone:
• App History
• Identity (Email Accounts)
• Location
• Phone Calls
• Contacts
• Photo/Media/Files
• Wi-Fi Connection Information
• Calendar

We will need the following permissions on an iOS platform.
• Notifications
• Contacts
• Location

How Do We Safeguard Your Credit Card Details?

Our company uses secure payments to protect your account details. All your information will only be transferred to your bank account. We will receive data that is protected with SSL encryption. The SSL encryption has a key that belongs to your or the bank. Anyone in between including us won’t be able to collect your card information.

Withdrawal of Permission

If at any point in time, you don’t want our company to use any of your information, you can simply opt out of our website or reject any permission on your smart phone. This, however, may render us incapable of providing our services to you.

How Can I Opt Out of Receiving Emails?

You will eventually start receiving information about some of our services. This may include details of discounts, coupon codes or special sales in your area. Adventure Mania will not span you and keep these updates extremely relevant so they are actually helpful. If you don’t find them relative and want to stop receiving such emails, then you can click on the unsubscribe link of send us an email to

Alterations in the Privacy Policy

Like any other company, we also frequently add to our privacy policy. This may or may not happen without any notice. We recommend looking for any changes in our policies to ensure that you’re up to date on our recent developments. If you have any concerns on our privacy policies, please feel free to leave an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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