Adventure Mania – We are a community of adventure and outdoor enthusiasts and professionals completely dedicated to meeting the needs of people wanting to travel for adventure and nature.

Adventure Mania is running by Sentire and Experimentum India Private Limited

Adventuremania – Explore yourself

  • Incorporated with an idea of giving a breath taking experience.
  • It is more of delivering the secured, convenient and a memorable life time experience.
  • Started in Jan 2018 with a mission to make relation with almost every individual.
  • Our target consumers are every one right from lower middle class to rich class so the packages are designed keeping convince into consideration.

Why us?
Unlike other travel websites, we give you the facility to check and make your travel as per your availability, budget and convince.
One can easily access our website: :

Individuals can check best available deals around the world and they can create their personal account at our website so as to make reservations. 24/7 helpline numbers will be available so that customers can contact us any time they wish.

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