Denwa Backwater Escape, Satpura ` 11,000 per person

13 January 2018
The thick deciduous broad-leaf jungles of the Satpura Range provide dwelling to a large number of animals. They stretch from Eastern Gujarat to Chhattisgarh, and act as a type of barrier between the northern plains and the great Indian plateau down south. Some of the most important rivers of the region including Narmada, Godavari, Tapti and Mahanadi flow through here, and form numerous picturesque valleys and deep gorges. Numerous national parks and small hill stations are located within these hills and they draw a large number of tourists. Denwa Backwater Escape Satpura is one of the best places where you could stay, when you feel like exploring the hills. It takes its name from the Denwa River, which it overlooks.

Located deep in the forests in front of the reservoirs formed by the construction of a dam across the river, it offers mesmerising views of expansive grasslands and the mountains. Though Denwa Backwater Escape Resort is constructed with locally sourced material like baked tiles and stones, it still has quite a modern décor. Its two tree houses and eight cottages, all facing the river, offer you utmost privacy. All cottages have spacious rooms, king-size beds, large work desks, local handicrafts, carpeted floors and leather sofas. The tree houses on the other hand have all-wooden interiors, beds, wooden tables, dim lighting and peculiar artwork. Whether picking the cottages or the tree houses for accommodation, you will find air-conditioners, attached bathrooms and telephones in all of them. The cottages even have terraces for you to sleep in the open under mosquito nets.

You can relish Continental and Indian dishes at the large dining hall of Denwa Backwater Escape Satpura that has a brick, iron and wooden interior. For a more romantic experience, you may choose to dine-in at the wooden verandahs of your cottages, or just by the river with bonfires, candles or lanterns. Tour the area, take nature walks or safaris, and at the end of it all, dive straight into the large on-site swimming pool. Engaging in boat rides on the river, kayaking, Jeep journeys and elephant safaris organised by the locals of the region are perfect to make your trip memorable. The best place to take all such nature expeditions is Satpura National Park, on the outskirts of which the resort is located.

Satpura National Park has an area of about 524 sq. metres, and the altitude here ranges from roughly 300 metres to approximately 1350 metres. The landforms here include deep ravines, hills, rivers, gorges, valleys, waterfalls, marches and grasslands. Several species of bamboo cover the slopes, and numerous other trees like mahua, tendu, jamun, teak and sal also grow here in abundance. On a jungle excursion organised by Denwa Backwater Escape Resort, you will also see hordes of species of shrubs, ferns and medicinal plants in this wildlife territory. While exploring the forests, try spotting tigers, gaurs, dholes, elephants, the 12-horned barahsingha deer and nilgais. Antelopes, civets, foxes, wolves, langurs, jackals, cobras, Russell vipers, Indian pythons, monitors, chameleons are also rewarding sights here. The water bodies and the areas around them are rich in crocodiles, toads, frogs and loads of fish.

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