Camel Safari at Dera Village Retreat in Kalakho,Rajasthan ` 6,000 per person

13 January 2018
Dera Village Retreat is nestled against the ancient Aravalli Mountain range and a mere camel safari away from the charming village of Kalakho. The retreat provides the perfect opportunity to experience the timeless charm of rural Rajasthan.

Situated between Agra and Jaipur, Dera Village Retreat has 17 tastefully decorated cottages arranged around a green oasis garden. Each cottage is air conditioned for your comfort and all the modern conveniences that you would expect from a city hotel are supplied for you.

Take a camel safari to visit our neighbours and visit the house of the village headman. Rajasthan Folk Dances are as lively and colourful as the State itself; in the evening you will have a chance to see all the traditional festive dances of this state when you are joined by a professional troupe who will perform for you as you relax beside the campfire.

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